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Vegetarian DietHello – my name is Kelly Simpson and I have been a vegetarian and weight loss “freak” for a long time. For a long time I had For a long time I had trouble finding good, reliable information on vegetarian and pescetarian diets and weight loss. Much of it left out important aspects of a low protein diet.

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If you are a vegetarian then you need to think carefully about your dietary requirements.  By selecting the right sort of vegetarian diet plan you will ensure that all your nutritional requirements are being met.  However if you are intending to adopt such a diet in the future it isn’t just a case of eliminating the meat from your meals and eating what remains.  There are other steps that you must take that all your nutritional needs will be met each and every day.

When it comes to devising your diet plan it is a good idea to use the vegetarian food pyramid.  This not only looks at the various food groups but the kinds of foods that when you eat them in the relevant quantities they will form the foundation of a well balanced and healthy diet for you as a vegetarian.

So how does one go about getting the right levels of nutrition in a vegetarian diet plan?  Below we look at the kinds of nutrients that you may be lacking and how to get them without resorting to eating meat.

1.     Protein – Our bodies need this to help our skin, muscles, organs and bones remain healthy.  For those choosing this type of diet plan they can obtain what they need from increasing their intake of eggs or dairy products.  Plus protein can be found in other foods such as lentils, nuts, whole grains, seeds, legumes, soy products and meat substitutes such as tofu.

2.    Calcium – We need this mineral so that our bones and teeth remain healthy and strong.  To help ensure that you are getting sufficient amounts of this in your diet on a regular basis eating dark green vegetables like spinach, kale or broccoli can help.  Plus also eating low fat dairy foods along with tofu and soy milk that have been enriched with calcium.

3.   Vitamin B12 – Our bodies need this to prevent anemia as it helps it produce red blood cells.  Unfortunately this vitamin can only be found in animal products such as eggs, cheese and milk.  However there are certain cereals that you can eat which are also enriched with this vitamin.  Plus of course the most effective and easiest way of ensuring that you are providing your body with enough Vitamin B12 is to take a supplement each day.

4.    Iron – As with Vitamin B12 this is crucial to the production of red blood cells in the body.  When it comes to ensuring that you get sufficient amounts of this in your diet each day to meet your nutritional requirements then include whole grain products, dark green leafy vegetables, dried beans and peas and also dried fruit.  To make sure that you eat foods that contain Vitamin C such as citrus fruits and strawberries, as these will help your body to absorb the iron better.

5.    Zinc – Our bodies need this particular mineral as it is a very important component that makes up enzymes in the body.  Plus it helps to divide cells in the body along with helping protein to form.  The best way of getting zinc when using a vegetarian diet plan is through eating wheat germ, whole grains, nuts and soy products.

If you’re looking for a deliciously healthy, protein-filled, and easy-to-prepare vegetarian option, then pick up a copy of Kardena Pauza’s Easy Veggie Meal Plans. Your body will thank you!



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In case you are a vegetarian then it’s worthwhile to consider carefully about your dietary requirements. By choosing the suitable type of vegetarian eating regimen plan you will make sure that all your nutritional necessities are being met. Nonetheless if you are aspiring to adopt such a food regimen sooner or later it isn’t just a case of eliminating the meat out of your meals and eating what remains. There are other steps that you could take that all your nutritional wants shall be met each and every day.

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